1. Malta citizenship by investment

Grants a Maltese passport to all applicants (main applicant and his/her dependents). With a Maltese passport you can travel to more than 182 countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia. All future generations of your family will also have a Maltese passport.

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  • EU citizenship
  • access to the EU single market
  • tax benefits
  • a stable political and business environment
  • advantages associated with being part of the 
  • the right to work and establish a company in the EU
  • visa-free travel to over 160 countries
  • and much more

2. Malta residency and visa program

This programme grants permanent residency in Malta to all successful applicants, and therefore visa free travel within the EU and the Schengen area. All future children and spouses can be added to the programme at a later stage on payment of an extra fee, thereby granting permanent residency to any new members of your family. This programme is for Non-EU citizens and for 3rd country nationals only.

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Successful applicants to this programme will:

  • have the right to live permanently in Malta
  • enjoy visa-free travel anywhere in the EU
  • benefit from a safe and stable social, political and 
 business environment
  • extend these benefits to their spouse and children

3. Tax residency


This programme caters for both EU and Non-EU citizens. It does not grant any visa free travel for Non-EU citizens. Once you become a Tax Resident of Malta under this programme, you will need to pay a minimum tax of EUR 15,000 per year or 15% on your remitted income in Malta, whichever is higher.

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This programme is suitable for high net individuals from non-EU and EU countries with a high tax rate on personal income.

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